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SMEs to the Bank loan was used as a competition for cake

Now, small and medium enterprises to Bank microcredit is very popular, even as a cake, in today's society, people are gradually out of the bottom of SME loans, and to a certain extent, SME lending banks compete for a piece of cake. Both Chinese and foreign banks have introduced a new programme for SMEs, facilitating loans for SMEs, to attract small and medium enterprises, in a breakthrough on the issue of financing is an opportunity.
all along, SMEs small loans without collateral requirements than large enterprises, while SME loan approval conditions was higher than that of large enterprises. Due to problems with small, unsecured, secured, thus many discourage banks to lend to SMEs. With the development of market economy, quietly changing of SME loans, bank loans to the SMEs not only in the program, the amount of difference, and whether the "mortgage" bottleneck problems have been eased. Supervision departments are sparing no effort to promote communication between banks and enterprises.
bank regulators of active organizations, an important impetus for a solution to the financing problem. Regulators on the one hand to promote an active and innovative small business loans from banking institutions institutional mechanisms, innovative small business credit products, on the other hand, also urged banking institutions to focus on preventing small business credit risk. Only do encourage and regulate both promotion and risk prevention simultaneously, in order to effectively promote the development of small business financing.
to expand financial services will help banks accelerate structural adjustments. Domestic banks for a long time in the customer's choice, big business as customers, SMEs stay away, there are prominent "big base" phenomenon. However, with the rapid development of direct financing, market-oriented interest rate accelerated, and growing regulatory capital constraints, domestic banks ' traditional customer structure is dominated by large enterprises would be difficult, urgent need to be adjusted.
in addition, this will help banks to improve risk management system. Domestic bank loans to large customers and concentrated in certain sectors, potential credit risk is very severe. Development of SME loans, can not only adjust the credit structure by reducing the banking credit concentration, decentralized credit risks, promote sound risk management concepts and systems, and will strongly promote the banks ' risk management mechanisms and techniques on a range of innovative construction, effectively improve the Bank's risk management capability.
now, banks have been offering for the SME business product, then only cracked the issue of financing of SMEs, can successfully develop the naturally. Similarly, each bank is not nothing. Small and medium sized banks can use to facilitate SMEs to improve their business skills, and foreign banks can take advantage of its rich experience and professional ability to charm to attract small and medium banks, in order to achieve mutual benefit.

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