Loan programs

Effective bank loans can help SMEs to tide

SMEs often face a number of difficulties due to lack of funds, then unsecured small loan can help you, and bank loans to help companies through the economic crisis, a storm, the city was determined to make concrete programmes to help them solve practical problems. Li hongfeng Mayor as pointed out in the report on Government work, to speed up the development of small and medium enterprises, to solve problems such as financing, the introduction of talent and technology.
for a long time, capital bottleneck is always plagued the primary constraint on sustainable development of SMEs. In particular, under the impact of the financial crisis, affected by rising raw material prices, rising labor costs and other effects, the problem of shortage of funds, loans become more prominent.
on the two sessions this year, municipal CPPCC members, the municipal Secretary for this proposed "three bet on a push" work for the recommendations of the financing difficulties of SMEs. In her view, the way to innovation of credit guarantee, widening the financing channels of SMEs through various channels, to boost confidence, crisis into opportunities, it is particularly urgent to enhance SMEs ' capacity for sustainable development.
last year, in the industrial and commercial sector "helps enterprises overcoming difficulties visiting" activities, the lack of funds is the most prominent problem enterprises, particularly SMEs, to reflect. How to play a good role, helping SMEs to broaden the financing channels, break "financing" has become the industrial and commercial sector to implement municipal party Committee and the Municipal Government to maintain economic growth and promote development work deploying the first topic. "Three bet on a push", enterprises by chattel mortgage, pledge, trademark pledge to finance, industry and Commerce departments actively "following contract and observing credit", "customer satisfaction" and "civilization integrity unit" creditworthy companies, such as financial institutions, to build bridges of cooperation between banks and enterprises. This is in line with recent State Council and the provincial government have been introduced to further promote the development of SMEs as articulated in "expanding the scope of collateral, where not prohibited by law, to assess the value more reasonable, ownership of property can be more clearly the collateral for the loan. Take pledge of movable property, ownership, intellectual property rights and other new types of collateralized loans to ease SME lending against pledge of insufficient "and other requirements.
Bank loan for enterprise financing problem, city CPPCC members, and Shandong Yong Thai steel company Chairman Xuan methyl country told Reporter: "international financial crisis for enterprise for, has challenge also has opportunities, let has strength, and has thought, and has himself business features of enterprise can emerge, but, for products structure single of enterprise is faced with was eliminated of dangerous, so, enterprise to learned optimization industry structure. Enterprises to the innovation-oriented enterprises, the development of science and technology enterprises ' financing ' must address an important problem that must be addressed, particularly for SMEs is even more so. "Financing difficulties, promote sustainable development, is a steady and relatively fast economic development of the overall work, is a systematic, require departments to participate in and joining hands to achieve maximum benefits. As this member said: "to establish a financing mechanism for working together. ' Three bet on a push to rise for government action, establishing a Government-led, the relevant parts of the work leading group, strengthening organizational guarantees. While strengthening the financial regulatory agencies, financial institutions, and the communication and coordination between SMEs, for the exchange of information, a number of interactive services. "
also, also to strengthening SMEs credit construction, increased on SMEs of trademark guide efforts, strengthened its trademark consciousness, to active guide General SMEs participate in" keep contract heavy credit ", and" consumers satisfaction units ", and" civilization integrity business units ", selection activities, improve its social reputation degrees, strengthening on SMEs credit management system of guide and helping, for SMEs provides more shortcut, and convenience, and effective of service, to effective solution enterprise financing difficult, and Enterprise spent through. More convenient service system, strengthen the construction of credit, help enterprises to establish civilized credit enterprise image, establish a sound SME loan mechanism. Loans for small businesses and hard questions, financing issues, facilitates the Bank small loans for small and medium enterprises. BACK PAGE