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How do bank loans in order to better meet the market demand?

Some people when it comes to bank micro-credit is a problem, take it to the unsecured small loan company loan? Background legal evening news reported that the North Bank consumer finance companies since March, new small business loans. Monthly income of 1200 is available at North Bank loans to buy 3600 cell phone, 3 years for loan repayment by instalments, only hundred Yuan a month.
Bank of Beijing announced that North silver consumer finance company obtained opening approval of the CBRC, was established. On March 1, the company will be officially opened. This means that, the first official launch of the consumer finance company.
it is understood that the North silver consumer finance company to provide consumers with home appliances, mobile phones, computers, furniture and other personal consumer loans, as well as education, decoration, wedding, travel and other general purpose personal loan, but does not provide mortgages and car loans.
North Bank consumer finance limited sales office set up in love near hepingli building, but loans do not go to the Sales Department of the company.
the company has with dazhong electrical appliance, GOME, Wangfujing group, group of large commercial enterprise groups of deep channels for talks, to allow customers to more easily apply for consumer loan business.
it is understood that the consumer finance loans are mainly for low-income groups, apply for a loan to complete as long as procedures, 1 hour to complete processing, but not all applications will be approved. The company will risk the applicant testing, and evaluation of the bank credit system gives lenders. Compared with credit cards, consumer finance company loans to a lower threshold, relatively flexible credit lines; and other loan products offered by banks, consumer finance companies loans without collateral and guarantees, and the procedure is simple.
Bank loan features: single pen award letter lines small, and approval speed fast, and without mortgage and guarantees target customer: 20 age above, and has fixed work and stable income of residents application procedures: applicants only needed fill in simple application table, and attached identity proved file and income proved, by consumption financial company credit audit personnel approval, on can in site get loan repayment term: see select staging repayment way, Repayment period up not over 3 years repayment way: monthly on time in Beijing bank debit card account in the deposit Dang period should also amount, can through Beijing bank debit card of automatically repayment function for repayment loan amount: thousands of to tens of thousands of ranging, but shall not over borrowing people months income of 5 times times Bank loan interest rate: ceiling for Bank benchmark interest rate of 4 times times to consumption financial company loan acquisition appliances, or is tourism, and decoration, this emerging of consumption mode you whether can accept does? Our joint special investigation and information network showed that six into the Consumer Council to consider the consumer finance company to apply for a loan to spend. At 10 o'clock today, consumers participating in the survey a total of 10,467. 61.11% of the participants said, consideration will be given to the consumer finance company to apply for a loan to buy; "no" than 38.89%. In uses of the loans, consumer finance companies, select education, decoration, household appliances and other durable goods purchases the number of participants, more than 26%; tourism, wedding is less than 10%. But it is worth mentioning that, maybe is the current lack of understanding of consumer finance business, in the face of both credit cards and loans to consumer finance companies, or both may apply for loans from banks and consumer finance companies lending cases, more consumers choose credit card or bank loan, select the consumer finance company loans accounted for only a few.
keidel said in an interview this morning, an economist at Harvard University, established the first consumer financial services company undoubtedly is beneficial to China, this is the normal process of improvement in the financial sector in China. Since last year, after the preliminary draft, China has been following up this process, and with the establishment of the first company, believe that in the future there will be an increasing number of similar companies.
keidel said, if a consumer financial services companies can better study and monitor the reliability of their loan funds to the family, then the company would have earnings prospects. Instead, they suffered a lot of defaults. Meanwhile, they also face same problem as many credit card companies, is difficult to assess the credit.
microfinance companies in China have set up many homes, the actual fields. Along with the economic development, development of a microfinance company is an inevitable trend. BACK PAGE